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EUA Annual Conference 2020 - Universities building a better Europe

Date :  du 16-04-2020 au 17-04-2020

Lieu :  Gdańsk

Organisation :  European University Association (EUA)

Programme : 

Universities play a crucial role in creating knowledge and fostering democratic and sustainable societies. Their impact on wellbeing and the development of a thriving, competitive Europe stems from educating future leaders, professionals, researchers and citizens.

It equally comes from curiosity-driven research aimed at identifying and meeting the broad challenges we all face and outreach to local and global industry and governments to foster much-needed innovation. Yet demonstrating and communicating universities’ impact at the societal level is a challenge in itself. Universities need strong leadership, a focused strategic approach, as well as coordinated efforts across Europe and beyond. The 2020 EUA Annual Conference will provide a platform to explore how universities are making a difference, how their impact can be maximised and how to give visibility to their key role in addressing broad challenges.

The 2020 EUA Annual Conference will feature a mix of plenary and parallel sessions, including interactive audience participation, encouraging a rich exchange of experiences and good practices.

The event is of interest to university leadership and other university staff working at the management and strategic level, as well as academics. It also welcomes students, policymakers and other stakeholders in higher education, research and innovation.


mot(s) clé(s) :  enseignement supérieur, gestion d'établissement