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REPORT 2021 - EALTA 2020 - 17th European association for language testing and assessment Conference - Variations on common standards

Date :  du 01-06-2021 au 06-06-2021

Lieu :  Budapest

Organisation :  European association for language testing and assessment (EALTA)

Programme : 

In the field of language testing and assessment, we regularly draw on a variety of documents that have a normative and/or coherence-creating angle: codes of ethics, codes of practice, quality standards and frameworks (most notably the CEFR). They provide a host of reference points for assessment development and use that need to be interpreted and adapted to the context in every case of use. Among the relevant contextual factors that need to inform local adaptation, we find educational and assessment traditions, target-group characteristics, the scope and purpose of an assessment, the importance and impact of assessment-based decisions, and the availability of human and material resources. Relating vastly different assessments to common points of reference can help make them transparent, comparable and more accessible to external review. However, balancing local needs and more global norms and references can also bring its own tensions.

The 17th EALTA Conference invites participants to explore how local needs in our field require context-appropriate responses and motivate local adaptations of our common reference systems, and to critically reflect on resulting language assessment and testing practices. We invite proposals for conceptual and empirical papers, work-in-progress presentations, posters and symposia relating to the conference theme.

The conference theme encompasses a wide range of possible sub-themes, including, but not limited, to the following:

  • Context-appropriate assessment development
  • Innovative forms of assessment, as concerns : technology, gaming, simulation, adaptivity, special needs, etc.
  • Psychometric methods
  • Validation/justification of low and high-stakes assessments, including ethical criteria
  • Standard setting in relation to a reference system
  • Test security standards

We will also consider contributions on other topics relevant to language assessment.

Deadline for submission: 30 November 2019

Keynote speakers:

  • Marianne Nikolov is Professor Emerita of English Applied Linguistics at the University of Pécs, Hungary.
  • Judit Kormos is a Professor in Second Language Acquisition at Lancaster University.


mot(s) clé(s) :  examen et test, langues vivantes