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Pays : Mexique  Langue(s) : anglais, espagnol 

AIU 2019 - Conférence internationale de l'Association internationale des universités - Transformer l’enseignement supérieur pour préparer l’avenir

Date :  du 13-11-2019 au 15-11-2019

Lieu :  Puebla

Organisation :  International Association of Universities (IAU)

Programme : 

Dans le contexte des importantes changements sociétaux, l’AIU souhaite mettre l’accent sur l’avenir de l’enseignement supérieur. La conférence sera une occasion pour les membres, les partenaires et l’ensemble de la communauté de l’enseignement supérieur de se réunir et d’échanger des idées, de réfléchir aux questions les plus pressantes, de se reconnecter et de former de nouveaux partenariats.

Recognizing that higher education is facing a number of challenges brought about by today’s complex societies, the IAU 2019 International Conference is set to discuss the future role of higher education against a backdrop of two major global phenomena: the impact of rapid technological advancements on higher education; and secondly, the urgent need to create more sustainable societies.

The IAU 2019 International Conference is devoted to Transforming Higher Education for the Future in order to explore how higher education leaders and experts envisage higher education, not only in the future, but also for the future. The Conference will not only facilitate sharing visions, but will also constitute an open dialogue that seeks to outline opportunities as well as challenges of higher education today. Acknowledging that local contexts differ in terms of culture, tradition, religion, demographic, language, politics and economics, IAU values this diversity and believes it is crucial to continue to foster exchange on higher education beyond borders and regions in an increasingly interlinked world.

Higher education has an important role to play in proposing solutions, in shaping societal development, and in fostering debate on the ethical and social dimension of the transformations taking place around the world. Research carried out within higher education can inform decision-makers; through its community engagement, higher education can propose inclusive and innovative solutions to address societal challenges. On a global level, we can exchange and learn from other experiences and practices, with a common objective of advancing higher education and sustainable societies

Framed by the theme Transforming Higher Education for the Future, IAU will convene leaders and experts to share their visions about higher education connecting local, national, regional and global perspectives and to generate discussions on what is the essence of higher education today and in the future. The Conference will constitute a global space for the exchange of ideas and opportunities; it will also be a space to identify key challenges and hurdles preventing transformation. It will offer a space to question the status quo, and to imagine an ideal world of higher education free of everyday constraints. Higher education institutions will have the opportunity to present current initiatives and research being carried out to transform higher education, to enhance education and research, and to promote sustainable solutions for future societies.

The outcomes of the discussions in Puebla will prepare the ground for the 16th General Conference in 2020 where IAU will be celebrating its 70th anniversary since its first and founding General Conference in 1950.

Plenary Session I: Rethinking higher education in a transforming world
Chair/ Moderator: Hilligje van't Land, Secretary General, International Association of Universities (IAU)
Keri Facer, Professor of Educational & Social Futures, University of Bristol, UK
Jaime Valls Esponda, Executive Secretary General, National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES), Mexico
Barnabas Nawangwe, Vice-Chancellor, Makerere University, Uganda
Raquel Isamara León de la Rosa, Professor and Researcher, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), Mexico

Plenary Session II: Between tradition and innovation
Chair/ Moderator: Roberto Escalante Semerena, Secretary-General, Association of Universities of Latin America & the Caribbean (UDUAL), Mexico - IAU Deputy Board Member
Philip Landon, Vice-President, Governance and Programs, Universities Canada
Rosa G. Montes Miró, Director of International Education Centre, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), Mexico
Manikrao M. Salunkhe, President, Association of Indian Universities (AIU), India

Plenary III: Aiming higher in a transforming world

Plenary Session IV: Creating the future of higher education (Designing solutions)
Chair/ Moderator: Marta Losada Falk, Former President, Antonio Nariño University (UAN), Bogotá, Colombia, and IAU Board member
Francisco Marmolejo, Lead Education Specialist for India, The World Bank Group
Mirvat Bulbul, Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Birzeit University, Palestine
Sebastian Camargo Martinez, PhD Candidate , Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), Mexico
Andrew Deeks, President, University College Dublin, Ireland, and IAU Board member


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