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ICML XVII - 17th International Conference on Minority Languages - Minority Languages in a Globalized Society

Date :  du 22-05-2019 au 24-05-2019

Lieu :  Ljouwert / Leeuwarden

Organisation : 

Mercator Research Centre / Fryske Akademy / University of Groningen

Programme : 

Globalization has affected our world in countless ways. For example, it changed (and still changes) how people do business, communicate with each other and it impacts education and language learning. This is also the case for minority or minoritized languages. But while the world is increasingly globalizing, minority languages may face severe challenges to survive or withhold their position within a dynamic society.

The few dominant languages strongly influence smaller languages in language use and number of speakers, education and language learning, language policy and the development of language technologies for these under-resourced languages. Some languages are even threatened with extinction. According to the Endangered Language Project, 40% of the languages of the world will disappear due to globalization.

ICML XVII will address the challenges and opportunities of smaller languages such as minority languages in a globalized society. It aims to bring together scholars and students across the multidisciplinary field of minority languages.

Proposals focusing on the following topics are welcome: Minority languages and...

- digital technologies
- language use in social media
- new speakers
- migration
- methodologies in minority language research
- language policies and revitalization
- education and language learning
- language documentation and archiving

Submission deadline: 15th october 2018

Plenary speakers: 

Dr. Bernat Joan i Marí
Associate Lecturer, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Catalunya/Spain

Dr. Lorna Carson
Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Delyth Prys
Head of the Language Technology Unit, Bangor University, Wales/United Kingdom

Dr. Mandana Seyfeddinipur
Director Endangered Languages Documentation Programme, SOAS/University of London, United Kingdom


mot(s) clé(s) :  globalisation de l'éducation, langues vivantes