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WELS 2019. World Education and School Leadership Symposium - Responsible Leadership – Demands, Reality, Possibilities

Date :  du 25-09-2019 au 27-09-2019

Lieu :  PH Zoug

Organisation :  Haute école pédagogique - Zoug

Programme : 

The World Education Leadership Symposium is the largest international congress in Europe on Education Leadership. The conference is hosted by the Institute for the Management and Economics of Education (IBB) of the University of Teacher Education Zug in cooperation with various partners.

Since 2004 the International School Leadership Symposium takes place every two years, since 2009 in Zug and since 2013 in combination with the Education Symposium Switzerland.

The Symposium focuses on the challenges and opportunities for schools and education leadership. In the keynote speeches, workshops, presentations, and innovative formats, current challenges and opportunities in the fields of school effectiveness, school improvement, and school management will be discussed. The core idea is to share ideas, knowledge, and experiences.

In the last conferences roughly 1000 experts from around 60 different countries were in Zug. Among the participants were principals, teachers, representatives of authorities, ministries, universities as well as of foundations and economy.

Theme of the symposium

The responsibility for the education of children and youth is rooted in ethically-reflected thinking and actions based on moral values of society and professional attributes and attitudes (ie. a value-based professional ethos). Professionality includes the use of comprehensive knowledge bases and continuous development of competences.

Being responsible for education comprises dealing with various and sometimes contradicting demands, needs and aspirations and various contextual conditions which influence on feasibilities and options of realisation. Responsible leadership includes differentiated analysis, tolerance of ambiguity and affinity to dealing with complexity as well as strategic and systematic actions. The responsibility to develop ‘next practice’ (aiming towards ‘best practice’) requires sustaining good practice, optimising established practices and innovating new practice. This responsibility lies on different actors in all education institutions on all different levels in the education system and needs mutual collaboration.

Central topics include e.g.: responsible leadership, innovation, sustainability, communities of practice, networking, challenges and international trends in current policy and practice, education 5.0.

These and other subjects will be treated in the plenary program, but also across the various strands of the parallel program.

The topic “Responsible Leadership – Demands, Reality, Possibilities” and its meaning will be discussed further in the upcoming weeks with presenters as well as partners of the Symposium. We are looking forward to the exchange before and during the conference. As always, the discussion will be continued and documented after the conference.

L'appel à communication est disponible en français à l'adresse suivante :

Soumission de contributions jusqu'au 15 décembre 2018.


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