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Pays : Malte  Langue(s) : anglais 

TEERM 2018 - Teacher Education and Educational Research in the Mediterranean

Date :  du 08-06-2018 au 09-06-2018

Lieu :  Malte

Organisation : 

Faculty of Education, University of Malta ; Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research ; Malta Educational Research Association

Programme : 

This conference 'Teacher Education and Educational Research in the Mediterranean', brings together educational researchers, policy-makers, teachers and practitioners from Europe and beyond. This conference is being held together with the Malta Educational Research Association Conference and it aims to address the increasing demand for a highly qualified workforce able to actively engage in innovative social and work-related activities that can respond to the challenges of the modern society. It also offers an opportunity to examine current theory and practice and the dominant trends in the domain of teacher education in the Mediterranean region that encounters unique challenges in the 21st century.

The Conference Programme will include keynote speeches, plenary sessions and parallel thematic sessions. It opens the debate regarding the need of quality teacher education and lifelong opportunities for all teachers to learn and to grow. This conference will give opportunities to academics and educators to share experience, practice and research findings on teacher education throughout the world, giving rise to different perspectives about how to offer teachers the chance to learn.

The following sub-themes have been established: 

Theme 1: Past, present and the future of teacher education policies and practices in the Mediterranean

Teacher training and the changing nature of work and learning;
Initial teacher education and the formation of teacher identity;
Teachers’ professional development and learning: formal, non-formal and informal;
Newly qualified teacher work experiences and educational needs;
Mentoring in pre-service and in-service teacher education.

Theme 2: Reforming and reinventing teacher education and work

Challenges in selecting pedagogical and content knowledge for teacher education;
Reflective practice in teaching and research;
Teacher education for improvement of students' health and wellbeing;
Classroom management skills and teacher training;
Teachers' role in preventing early school leaving from education and training;
Teaching and learning languages and communication skills (bilingualism, foreign language,...);
Preparing teachers for the increasingly demanding early childhood education and care;
Training of teachers for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects;
Preparing teachers to work with information and communication technologies;
Preparing teachers for assessment for learning;
Adult Education for social change;
Popular and community-based education;
Further and higher education.

Theme 3: Student teacher social and economic conditions in the Mediterranean

Youth interest in the teaching profession in the Mediterranean;
Student teacher recruitment, selection and training;
Student teachers’ social engagement and approaches to learning;
Student-centered learning and teacher education;
Expanding opportunities for teacher student learning.

Theme 4: The role of professional associations and leadership in improving teachers' wellbeing

Teacher professional status and working conditions;
Job demand and control in teaching and job satisfaction;
Teacher working conditions, work-life balance and wellbeing;
Teacher agency in professional practice.

Theme 5: Teacher training and Inclusive education

Teacher role in integration of recent immigrants to Europe [the Mediterranean region];
Developing teachers' intercultural competence;
Teacher sensitivity to diversity in the classroom;
Researching inclusive education to close the theory-practice gap;
Education for learning support assistance and inclusion.

Theme 6: Teachers as researchers - possibilities, challenges and the reality

The role of practice-based research in initial teacher education;
Pre-service teachers’ development through research and collaboration;
Evidence- and research-based teacher education and practices;
Teachers' engagement in collaborative research and innovative work;
Building capacity for research and innovation through initial teacher training and CPD.

Theme 7: Other issues related to Educational Research and Teacher Education.

submission deadline: 15 january 2018.


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