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14th PASCAL International Conference - Trends 2017: Which way to go ?

Date :  du 17-10-2017 au 19-10-2017

Lieu :  Kruger National Park

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The Conference organisers have taken their inspiration from the OECD publication: “Trends Shaping Education 2016”. This publication looks at what is happening in the world and how this reflects on education. OECD is an organisation with many resources and access to big data. The series, however, wants to inform for purposes of strategic thinking and stimulate reflection about the future of education; It is here we wish to link up education and the overall development of our societies.

The main trends presented in this publication constitute the main 5 themes with their strands for the 2017 conference. These themes illustrate where the interaction between community, science and research and education will find challenges and opportunities.

The five strands are:

- Globalisation
- The Future of the Nation-State
- Are Cities New Countries?
- Family Matters
- A Brave New World

Deadline for submission: April 17th, 2017


mot(s) clé(s) :  territoire, relation formation - emploi, globalisation de l'éducation