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Learning for sustainability

Editeur(s) :  European Commission (EC)

Date :  04/2023


Teacher education is increasingly seen as of determining importance to the learning for sustainability agenda. Political momentum, support and funding are critical to advance teacher professional learning in this area. To be effective, teacher professional development must be seen alongside, and not in isolation to, other reforms and policies related to sustainability and education for sustainable development (ESD). At EU level, supporting measures are needed to accelerate current interest in learning for sustainability and to identify, share and scale exemplary national/regional policies on teacher education. To help countries turn commitments into action (‘walk the talk’) funding at national and EU level is crucial. Tapping into funding opportunities which have the potential to support large-scale reform (e.g. the EU’s European Social Fund and the Recovery and Resilience Fund) could be a game changer for learning for sustainability. This requires better visibility of existing funding at EU level as well as cross-government/inter-ministerial cooperation at national level to ensure learning for sustainability, including teacher education, is given the focus it urgently needs.


1. Political will, momentum and funding
2. Teacher qualifications and expertise on sustainability
3. Embedding sustainability in teacher professional standards
4. Holistic approach to sustainability education for teachers
5. Culture of collaboration and learning within the school
6. Collaboration and peer learning
7. Civil society and NGOs
8. The digital and sustainability nexus
9. Wellbeing and learning for sustainability
10. Resources and toolkits for teaching and learning on sustainability

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