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Organising and designing curriculum and building core competences

Editeur(s) :  European Commission (EC)

Date :  04/2023


This document focuses on designing curriculum for learning for sustainability. The key messages reflect discussions which took place in the EU Working Group on learning for sustainability during its meeting in Brussels on 15-16 September 2022. During the meeting, participants discussed and identified: policy actions that can assist in the development and introduction of school curricula to improve opportunities for learning for sustainability; frameworks, relevant resources and capabilities that can assist with the shaping and delivery of these policy actions and relevant pedagogies; key challenges and barriers and how they could be overcome; lessons learnt from examples of well-regarded practices in this area. The workshop included considerations related to core competences in learning for sustainability. Sustainability competences are understood as the interlinked set of knowledge, skills, and values that enable learners to effectively engage in action for a healthier planet. GreenComp, the European sustainability competence framework, and other reference documents seek to guide efforts to embed sustainability competences in the curriculum. The GreenComp framework served as a background to discussions during the meeting.


1. Curriculum framing and approaches

2. Curriculum practice 

3. Vision and framing

4. Structures, systems and stakeholders 

5. Youth voices

6. Pedagogical and resource tools

7. Confronting challenges

8. Assessing progress

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