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Better schools by promoting musculoskeletal health. A strategic approach for promoting exercise and preventing MSDs in schools : report

Auteur(s) :  Hundeloh Heinz & Bollmann Ulrike

Editeur(s) :  European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (OSHA)

Date :  05/2022


This report takes a comprehensive look at how schools can contribute to the early, long-term prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). It considers the different perspectives of safety and health in work, education and public health and explores options for common courses of action across these three policy areas. By systematically tackling the issue of integrating safety and health in schools, the report helps promote the quality of education and develop a culture of prevention long term. Occupational safety and health (OSH) can only be achieved if children and young people are already able to learn about healthy behaviour and acquire health competence in their preschool and school educations. If this is successful, they will be capable of skilfully navigating health risks and dangers in their lives and maintaining and improving their own health. Beyond this, early prevention is necessary for the additional reason that the majority of health issues occur, or have their foundations laid, in childhood or adolescent years, not in adulthood. As such, it is essential to fully integrate safety and health into education for the benefit of people in all stages of life. This report clearly demonstrates that such integration is not only desirable, it is essential, and that schools can make a concrete, long-term contribution to the prevention of MSDs.

(pdf, 72 p.)

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