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The future of vocational education and training in Europe . Volume 1, The changing content and profile of VET

Editeur(s) :  European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)

Date :  06/2022


This study examines changes in the way that knowledge, skills and competence are differentiated in curricula, and how learning is organised across different learning sites: in classrooms, workshops or laboratories, and at workplaces. The study collected information through Cedefop’s ReferNet network, in-depth country case studies, and an online survey among almost 1 000 European VET providers. Results show that several countries have strengthened the general education component of their VET programmes either by increasing the extent of teaching general subjects or by better integrating them into the vocational curriculum. At the same time, the increased emphasis on general skills has not taken place at the expense of workplace learning; on the contrary, an expansion of workplace learning in IVET curricula has been ubiquitous. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to assess the exact extent of workplace learning, due to increased flexibility allowed at provider and individual level in the combination of different learning environments.

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