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Adolescent isolation, ideology, and the missing voice of parents: A social listening analysis of Brazilian education

Auteur(s) :  Lauren Zieglet, Thaís Schwarzberg Milanello, Rebecca Winthrop, Claire Sukumar

Editeur(s) :  Brookings Institution

Date :  05/2022


The first case of coronavirus in Brazil was confirmed in February 2020, followed by a rapid increase in cases, news, and discourses on social media. Since then, life for many Brazilian students and teachers has become more difficult not only due to the disease’s health impacts, but also its social impacts. For education, the immediate repercussion of the pandemic was the sudden suspension of face-to-face activities and the temporary closure of schools and universities. As a result, emergency distance learning activities were implemented—generally without adequate technological infrastructure, educational material, or previous teacher training. This took place amid economic, social, and political disruptions in which educational institutions played a key role. Our effort in this report is to understand and share what Brazilian teachers, parents, and students are discussing on social media about education both before and during the pandemic.

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