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Who you know: relationships, networks, and social capital in boosting opportunity for young Americans

Auteur(s) :  Richard V. Reeves, Beyond Deng

Editeur(s) :  Brookings Institution

Date :  05/2022


Who you know can have a significant impact on one’s accessibility to resources and opportunities for mobility. While it is difficult to determine the causal impact of social capital on educational outcomes, we do present some evidence that relationships with families, peers, teachers, and counselors play a role in college enrollment, especially those of marginalized identities. In this report we define social capital, contextualize the role of social capital in college-going, and center the narratives of students and programs who strengthen and maintain social networks as a means of boosting opportunity. Finally, we present recommendations for policymakers and practitioners in this space, mainly more high-quality evaluation of the efficacy of these programs to further bolster their impacts on students and their educational and economic prospects.

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