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Schools Responses to Covid-19: Pupil Engagement in Remote Learning

Auteur(s) :  Megan Lucas, Julie Nelson and David Sims

Editeur(s) :  National Foundation for Educational Research

Date :  06/2020


On 20th March 2020, the British Government ordered schools to close to the majority of pupils. This was a pivotal moment as the majority of pupils transitioned to learning remotely from home and schools had to adapt rapidly to this new way of teaching. With the majority of pupils not expected to return to the classroom until the autumn, remote learning remains at the heart of how schools will need to continue to support pupils’ learning in the coming months.

Given the potential impact of this extended period of remote learning, NFER undertook an independent assessment to see how engaged pupils are, and the factors that might be driving this, as well as how schools are providing remote learning support for pupils. The report is based on findings from a national survey of 1,233 senior leaders and 1,821 teachers in publicly-funded, mainstream primary and secondary schools in England. Responses between 7th and 17th May have been weighted by phase and free school meal (FSM) eligibility to provide a nationally representative picture.

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