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British Educational Research Journal (BERJ)

Référence :  Vol. 45, n°1, février 2019

  • Why educational research should not just solve problems, but should cause them as well, Gert Biesta Ourania Filippakou Emma Wainwright David Aldridge
  • Theorising teacher performance dispositions in an age of audit, Andrew Skourdoumbis
  • Learning while playing: Children's Forest School experiences in the UK, Janine K. Coates Helena Pimlott‐Wilson
  • A new composite measure of ethnic diversity: Investigating the controversy over minority ethnic recruitment at Oxford and Cambridge universities, Anthony Kelly
  • ‘I think we are still very directive’: Teachers’ discourses on democratic student participation, Ángela Saiz‐Linares Carlos Rodríguez‐Hoyos Teresa Susinos‐Rada
  • Awareness within local authorities in England of autism spectrum diagnoses of looked‐after children, Sarah Parsons Alice McCullen Tracey Emery Hanna Kovshoff
  • Literacy practices of primary education children in Andalusia (Spain): A family‐based perspective, Celia Moreno‐Morilla Fernando Guzmán‐Simón Eduardo García‐Jiménez
  • Teachers’ agency: Do their values make a difference?, Linor L. Hadar Maya Benish‐Weisman
  • Pages: 137-160 First Published: 19 October 2018
  • ‘That's how it works here’: The place of religion in publicly managed second‐level schools in Ireland, O. McCormack J. O'Flaherty B. O'Reilly J. Liston
  • The link between fiction and teenagers’ reading skills: International evidence from the OECD PISA study, John Jerrim Gemma Moss
  • Model of researching educational practice: A pedagogic–stereoscopic point of view, Herner Saeverot Vegard Kvam

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catégorie(s) :  théorie de l'éducation