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History of Education

Référence :  Vol. 46, n°3, mai 2017

  • Articles ‘Fathers and sons’ in Xenophon’s teaching of the man taking care of himself, Victoria Pichugina & Vitaly Bezrogov
  • Patterns of and influences on elementary school attendance in early Victorian industrial Monmouthshire 1839–1865, David C. James & Brian Davies
  • Languages, script and national identity: struggles over linguistic heterogeneity in Switzerland in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Lukas Boser & Ingrid Brühwiler
  • British teachers’ transnational work within and beyond the British Empire after the Second World War, Kay Whitehead
  • Americanisation, sovietisation, and resistance at Kabul University: limits of the educational reforms, Natalia Tsvetkova
  • ‘I never heard the word methodology’: personal accounts of teacher training in Ireland 1943–1980, Brendan Walsh

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