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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol.83, n°7, juillet 2013

  • School-Based Mental Health Program Evaluation: Children's School Outcomes and Acute Mental Health Service Use, Christina D. Kang-Yi, David S. Mandell and Trevor Hadley
  • Changes in Weight Over the School Year and Summer Vacation: Results of a 5-Year Longitudinal Study, Jennette P. Moreno, Craig A. Johnston and Deborah Woehler
  • Understanding Students' Perceptions of a High School Course Designed to Enhance School Connectedness, Jane Chung-Do, Karla Filibeck, Deborah A. Goebert, Garrett Arakawa, Dawn Fraser, Jill Laboy and Derek Minakami
  • Go Slow Whoa Meal Patterns: Cafeteria Staff and Teacher Perceptions of Effectiveness in Winning With Wellness Schools, Deborah L. Slawson, Jodi Southerland, Elizabeth F. Lowe, William T. Dalton III, Deborah T. Pfortmiller
  • Game-Based Learning as a Vehicle to Teach First Aid Content: A Randomized Experiment, Nathalie Charlier and Bieke De Fraine
  • Physical Fitness, Academic Achievement, and Socioeconomic Status in School-Aged Youth, Dawn P. Coe, Thomas Peterson, Cheryl Blair, Mary C. Schutten and Heather Peddie
  • Nurses and Teachers: Partnerships for Green Health Promotion, Marguerite C. Sendall, John Lidstone, MaryLou Fleming and Michelle Domocol
  • Changing Multiple Adolescent Health Behaviors Through School-Based Interventions: A Review of the Literature, Vincent Busch, Johannes Rob Josephus de Leeuw, Alinda de Harder and Augustinus Jacobus Petrus Schrijvers

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