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Journal of School Health

Référence :  Vol. 82, n°5, mai 2012

  • Association and Diffusion of Nutrition and Physical Activity Policies on the State and District Level, Daniel R. Taber, Jamie F. Chriqui and Frank J. Chaloupka
  • Are Farm-to-School Programs More Common in States With Farm-to-School-Related Laws?, Linda Schneider, Jamie Chriqui, Lisa Nicholson, Lindsey Turner, Camille Gourdet and Frank Chaloupka
  • Surveying Teens in School to Assess the Prevalence of Problematic Drug Use, Russel S. Falck, Ramzi W. Nahhas, Linna Li and Robert G. Carlson
  • Physical Activity Energy Expenditure in Dutch Adolescents: Contribution of Active Transport to School, Physical Education, and Leisure Time Activities, Menno Slingerland, Lars B. Borghouts and Matthijs K. C. Hesselink
  • Educating Coaches About Concussion in Sports: Evaluation of the CDC's “Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports” Initiative, Tracey Covassin, R. J. Elbin and Kelly Sarmiento
  • The Relationship Among State Laws, District Policies, and Elementary School-Based Measurement of Children's Body Mass Index, Anna Sandoval, Lindsey Turner, Lisa Nicholson, Jamie Chriqui, Megan Tortorelli and Frank J. Chaloupka
  • Environmental Justice at School: Understanding Research, Policy, and Practice to Improve Our Children's Health, Natalie Sampson

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